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With Navi Studio and GIV™ technology, immerse your audience in interactive experiences that captivate and inspire.



Content Curation & Production

Leverage Navi tools and featured platform to produce true behavioral immersion and real-time response-based interactive digital experiences that engage and captive audiences.

Content Distribution, Monetization

Utilize Navi platform to reach a wider audience, showcase your works, and capitalize on your digital content through innovative monetization strategies.

Gesture-driven Behavior


Maximize machine learning techniques to analyze human gesture behaviors to tailor-made content production and user experience management.


About US

Who we are

Navi Studio is a creative studio specializing in producing tailor-made video content for the education, entertainment, and digital art industries. We are dedicated to providing innovative and engaging content through cutting-edge technology and a data-driven approach.

NaviStudio offers services tailored to diverse needs


Why US


Revolutionizing Audience Engagement

Deliver Unprecedented Experience To Audience

More compelling user engagement between content and audience due to interactive story from direct touch.

Content Uniqueness

Not Duplicatable

All NAVI’s content utilizes a globally patented technology that cannot be duplicated as each content is created and recorded in real-time in the cloud storage.

Next-Generation Media Technology

Data-driven Content Monetization

Unleashing the next-creative ingenuity and next-gen media technology GIV™ (Gesture Interactive Video), Navi Studio combines behavior data analytics with a content monetization platform to empower all industries, products, and ideas to engage with all users and all types of influencers, including artists, educators, and entertainers, to conceive, evolve, harness, showcase, and capitalize on their immersive digital experiences.



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